ITS Expo

Electro recently appeared at the 6th national ITS exhibition in the Grand Hotel, Malahide. The event was spread ove two days and proved a huge success for all involved.


Electro took the opportunity to promote the Gridsmart product. A revoloutionary traffic loop replacement product that saves dramatically on maintenance costs of junctions. With an increased presence in the USA and many European countries this product has proved it can be successful in the toughest environments.


The revolutionary Gridsmart system is a single-camera system for junction actuation and automated traffic data collection.

Limiting the need for loops thus saving countless costly road closers for loop repairs and reducing the cost of operation per junction while the Gridsmart system is in operation.


Providing the system is one thing, but here at Electro we can offer 24/7 Maintenance and emergency callouts ensuring the system is active at all times minimising disruptions.

GridSmart is a video-based, traffic light loop replacement system. It replaces all the loops in a junction with, in most cases, a single camera. The trigger emulates loops making it compatible with most controllers or it can integrate tightly with sophisticated UTC systems.


When installed it provides traffic counts, turning movements and pedestrian counts. As it is video based the user can also access the video feed in real time.


Please see below for a little more about the porduct and contact us for more information.



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