Commercial Sliding Doors

Providing efficient entry and exit options in a commercial setting can prevent bottlenecks of patrons at peak times, reduce heating bills and can also greatly reduce the risk of injury due to automatic operation of the Doors.

Electro design, supply and install automatic sliding doors to your specific needs. Our range include Single Sliding and Bi-Parting versions and can be triggered in various ways.


  • Approach Sensor  - the door opens when a user approaches it.
  • Push Button - the door opens when a user presses a button. These can make entrance more accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Access Control - the door opens when the system determines the user is authorised to enter.
  • Automatic sliding doors are a very popular choice for almost any large entrance for retail, commercial, industrial and security applications.

Our range includes:

  • Standard sliding door (single wing or double wings)
  • Telescopic sliding door (two wings or four wings)
  • Curved sliding door (segment circular, semi-circular or full circular)
  • Sliding folding door (two wings or four wings)
  • Hermetically sealed sliding door (single wing or double wings)
  • All glass sliding door (single wing or double wings)
  • Clean room sliding door (single wing or double wings)

All our automatic doors can be connected to access control systems and fire alarms which ensures the doors are automatically opened in the event of a fire to facilitate smoke extraction and speedy evacuation of customers and employees. This ventilation system can be activated locally and remotely and can also be used during hot weather.



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

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The Shard Building

Electro Automation Makes an Entrance at The Shard Building, London.



telescopic sliding gate

THERMCORD Sliding Door

Take a look at our THERMCORD burglar secure and thermally efficient automated sliding door, perfect for retail and commercial applications .

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