eLight Funds, Installs and Manages energy efficient lighting upgrades for Irish Businesses and Hotels with a maintenance free financed solution.

Founded in 2009 eLight has built on its success with Project Green Educational and also more recently with Project Green Commercial providing lighting solutions which leverage technological improvements to make significant savings in power and maintenance.


While the company is based in Dublin it has countrywide scale and reach through Electro and other such partners. The specialist approach provides for a professional and streamlined service delivering energy savings that directly benefit the client. Electro work closley with eLight to enable our customers in the areas of Car Parking, Hospitality and Healthcare, along with any other applicable situations, to save on their lighting bills.


At Electro we want to ensure that we continue to offer our customers easy ways to increase the value of their business through product specific solutions and also add value or reduce costs through our spciality products and software.  Our work with eLight is one such venture, with the mounting costs associated with running a business and the constant need for light we can offer a solution that greatly benefits our customers.

  • Through the eLight financed solution a completely free upgrade of all lighting components on your premises.
  • Yearly savings on your electricity bill from the moment you make the cahnge, depending on current lighting you could easily save 70% year on year.
  • Brand new lighting infrastructure.
  • Higher quality and longer lasting bulbs increasing the value of the premises.



Ed Fardy - Technical Sales Consultant


Ed Fardy (Sales Consultant)

T: +353 1 824 6674

M: +353 860499143

E: efardy@electroautomation.com


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