Future-Proof Mobile Access Control

With a mission to improve safety and security for the built world, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control solutions. Sleek hardware and convenient hands-free, mobile entry enhances the user experience, while cloud-based enterprise software effortlessly scales to make remote system management easier than ever.


Openpath is designed with an open API architecture and backwards compatibility for superior interoperability. Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technology partners, including solutions for tailgating, video management and surveillance, lockdown, active directory platforms, visitor management, building automation and more.


Access control systems are only as secure as their fundamentals. Openpath is a complete security ecosystem, with solutions to some of the most common complaints in the industry. 


Secured Access done right


Key Features


openpath features


Physical Security

Smart devices can instantly improve your security profile by enabling multi-factor and/or biometric authentication, one time passwords, employee location awareness, and immediately effective credential revocation.

Virtual Security

The cloud is continuously upgraded and updated to protect against emerging threats. Local computers will often remain vulnerable and need time-consuming upgrades to various system software.


openpath access control


  • Cloud Software: Manage all your sites and users from a single interface for real-time access control 24/7
  • Hardware: All you’ll need are Openpath’s Smart Hub and Readers to get your system up and running
  • Access Points: Openpath has many ways in. Employees can choose which secure key fits them best.


key features openpath



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