Automatic Bollards provided by Electro provide a high degree of security in a discreet and aesthetically pleasing manner. Automatic bollards can be linked to access control systems or used by themselves to provide security to a site perimeter without unsightly fencing.

Our automatic bollards can be offered in a range of sizes and are available with or without crash ratings. Their unique styles mean that they can be used within environmentally challenging areas.


Bus Corridors

Bus corridors are an initiative to give dedicated road space and traffic signal priority to buses in order to reduce journey times and improve service consistency. Automatic bollards can be utilised to prevent car traffic from traveling in bus lanes. Authorised buses and taxis are issued with electronic tags to lower the bollards. They can also designate pedestrian areas by blocking vehicular access while allowing pedestrians and cyclists to enter freely between each bollard. Bollards enforce and manage traffic flow 24 hours a day.



For situations where frequent, selective access control is required:

  • Pedestrian Walkway Schemes
  • Bus Lane Control
  • Controlled Parking
  • Motorway Service Areas
  • Private Roads and Entrances
  • Security Systems

Retractable Services

A fully automatic, retractable bollard can be utilised for Service Providers such as electrical power, water or telephone and compressed air connections. These can be installed in small-area, densely populated spaces such as town squares, camping grounds, arenas or markets. As the automatic bollards are underground, the sockets are fully protected and concealed. Access is provided by a key and an automatic release due to a single-acting gas actuator.


Road Blockers and Rising Kerbs

Electro’s range of Road Blockers and Rising Kerbs are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access and are well suited to High Security sites such as prisons, embassies, army barracks, airports, ports, data centres, banks and currency centres.


Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost rising kerb for relatively low usage, or a heavy-duty, anti-terrorist road blocker for frequent operation, Electro will design and supply a system specifically to meet your needs. Our speciality lies in our ability to match a product to the individual needs of the customer, with a specialist product like Road Blockers and Rising Kerbs you need to view all the options before settling on a solution. Our team specialise in design and integration, offering you access to a vast bank of knowledge and our wide variety of options.



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

+353 1 824 6666



The Quays, Newry

Electro has completed the installation of the new parking system at The Quays.




Car Parking Brochure



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