Interlocking Doors

Electro supply and install a full range of Interlocking Door Security Systems to suit every budget, from high-security financial institutions to the smaller scale company where cash handling risks may be an issue.

Our systems come in a range of finishes which meets your security and operational requirements.

The security interlock door system in its basic form is comprised of a pair of automatic swing doors. The principle of the system is to only allow one door open at any given time. The system can be easily tailored to fit existing layouts and can be easily adapted to allow it to be installed into an existing building.

Access control on the interlock doors is achieved by controlling the operation of the doors to ensure that the system meets with the sites operational requirements. In automatic mode the system will only allow one door to open at any one time.

Developed to meet the requirements of the Banking & Financial industry, each system typically consists of several elements which Electro Automation have been installing for many years.

Electro Automation has nearly 30 years experience installing high-tech security systems across most market sectors and state facilities such as:

  •     Embassies
  •     Garda Headquarters & Stations
  •     Prisons
  •     Airports
  •     Army Barracks
  •     Credit Unions
  •     Banks
  •     Data Centres
  •     Post Offices
  •     Bookmakers



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

+353 1 824 6666



Access Control and Security

Electro installed a full access control system and an upgrade of the CCTV and Intercoms.



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