It isn’t uncommon for businesses to own the land around their commercial property and many will use this as a private car park. Whilst having your own car park will provide you with a convenient place for employees and also any visitors to park, it does have its downsides too. Unfortunately, many experience problems with unauthorised people using the car park and criminal activity taking place on their premises. 


Thankfully, nowadays, there are a number of different car parking solutions available to help business owners protect their car parks in the same way they protect their property. From ANPR systems and automated barriers to exterior CCTV and 24/7 monitoring, there are numerous benefits to all available options. However, there is one car park solution that is frequently overlooked; security bollards. If you have never really considered using security bollards before, below is some more information about them highlighting their unique benefits. 

Incredibly secure and durable 

Many don’t realise just how strong and durable security bollards are. They are specifically designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access and they are commonly used at high-security sites, such as embassies, army barracks, airports and banks. They provide security from both accidental and intentional damage from vehicles, and you really can rely on them to effectively prevent any unauthorised access to your car park. We offer all types of bollards including crash rated versions. 

Suitable in a vast range of locations

Security bollards are actually incredibly versatile too and their unique styles mean that they can be used within environmentally challenging areas. They are often suitable when other car park or perimeter solutions aren’t and, of course, they can be installed independently or as part of a bigger security system. Not only can you use security bollards at the entrance of your car park, but they can also be used in individual car parking spaces too which can be very helpful. Integral LED lighting helps with ensuring they are seen, even in poor light conditions.

Easy and convenient to use 

The vast majority of security bollards will be automatic and they can even be remotely monitored. More often than not, they can rise or retract in a matter of seconds too, making them a much more convenient solution than other alternative options available. Not only can they be used by remote transmitters and intercoms, but they can also be linked to access control systems too and they are very easy to integrate into any current solutions that you have on-site. 

Aesthetically pleasing solution 


Many of the car park solutions available are incredibly secure, yet they are unsightly. When searching for a solution that is able to provide high security to a site perimeter without compromising the aesthetics of a premises, security bollards are by far one of the best options available. Nowadays, automatic bollards come in a wide range of different sizes and styles, and they’re available with or without crash ratings, so you really can tailor them to your needs. 

Physical and visual deterrent 


Not only are security bollards able to physically stop any vehicle that attempts to drive through them, but they will also act as a visual deterrent too. They will obviously define your boundary and make it clear that entry is not an option to anyone unauthorised. Whereas some may try their luck to gain access around other car park solutions, security bollards can discourage anyone from even attempting to drive onto your property. 


Finding local security bollard suppliers 


All in all, it is fair to say that whilst there are numerous effective car parking solutions to choose from nowadays, security bollards really shouldn’t be overlooked. There are so many benefits to this high-security solution and they really can help you to overcome the problems that you’re currently experiencing with your private car park. So, it is undeniably worthwhile looking into having security bollards installed at your premises in more detail. 


When searching for an experienced security bollard supplier, be sure to visit the Electro website. We supply an incredibly vast range of different bollard and security posts that are specifically designed to provide a high degree of security in a discreet and aesthetically pleasing manner. Our team of specialists will gladly work with you to design a bollard system that meets all of your individual needs and you can trust that we will ensure that you’re using the best products available. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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