Today, Wednesday the 8th of June see’s the HSA’s Powered Gate Safety Conference take place in Port Laoise. This event is essentially an update and refresher for all the legislations and standards that need to be considered during the various phases of Gate Automation.


Not something that is usually looked at in great detail, gate automation is an area where accidents do occur and one that has been continually ignored in Ireland. In most cases, the main gates are up there with the most used assets on your companies’ books. Operating various times a day, often withstanding harsh conditions and the odd accidental shunt!

Items you need to consider: this may change after the conference tomorrow but as a rule of thumb this puts you in the right direction.

Design: Has sufficient care been take in the initial design of the gate, has aesthetic value been put above the safety of patrons?

Installation: Are you using an approved gate automation company, will they be able to officially stand over there work? Have they taken the time to conduct a risk assessment and explain to you the various dangers they see and how they can be overcome? Are you willing to heed their advice or are you proceeding as planned?

Maintenance: Is this a commercial gate, if so there is a regulation stating that a preventative maintenance contract needs to be taken to ensure the proper operation of the gate.

As with the use of any heavy machinery, safety is a serious topic and one that needs to be given upmost respect. Neglect in this area has been causing casualties and fatalities all over the world including Ireland.

If you think your gate is in breach of any of the gate safety regulations don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can advise on the best course of action.

We can have members of our team conduct Gate Audits to give you peace of mind and if necessary upgrade current systems to meet the necessary safety requirements.



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