Choosing The Best Security Systems For Your Business

As a business owner, the safety and security of both your commercial property and your employees play a vital role in your organisation’s success.

For this reason, it is undeniably important to ensure that you have adequate solutions and systems in place to provide protection from all eventualities. 


Again, this is a security system that many have relied on for years now and is probably one of the most commonly installed solutions. CCTV systems are made up of a number of strategically placed cameras which record video footage and take images of the interior and exterior of your business property. CCTV is used for security as well as monitoring and surveillance purposes.


There are a number of different types of cameras that you can use in CCTV security systems, including but not limited to; HD cameras, infrared cameras, PTZ cameras and auto-zoom cameras. Sometimes, even dummy cameras are used, as it is thought that the sight of CCTV systems alone can instantly deter illegal activity. Cameras can include features such as geofencing which ensure they highlight events within designated areas, or ignore events outside the areas of interest. They can also use intelligence to automate processes, such as watching for people who loiter, or bags left unattended.

Access control systems 

As the name suggests, access control systems are security systems that restrict access to specific areas. They’re used throughout business premises and they can improve more than just security, they can increase productivity and even reduce staffing too. When using access control systems for security purposes, they can be placed on both exterior and interior doors. 


Often, when using access control systems, not only will they be installed on doors, but they will be linked to gates and barriers too for wider control and they can even be integrated into all other security systems such as intruder alarms. These systems can be controlled using swipe cards, pin codes, proximity readers, biometric readers and even number plate recognition. Our experience allows us to remain at the forefront of security systems, integrating and automating your various systems so they operate as one seamless system.

Perimeter protection systems 

It is fair to say that perimeter protection is a key part of any security system, but it can be incredibly effective by itself too. Everything from gates, fencing and barriers to external sensors will fall under perimeter protection and many will use a number of different perimeter solutions to ensure that their property is completely protected. 


Whilst this security solution may seem quite simplistic, not only does it act as an intruder deterrent, but it will dramatically reduce the risk of anyone gaining entry to your premises without your knowledge too. It is even possible to have professional monitoring of the perimeter of your building to ensure any breaches are pinpointed and dealt with in a prompt manner.


We are known as one of the largest integration specialists across the whole of Ireland and no matter which systems you’d like to install, you can trust that we will be able to assist you. Not only can we help with the design and installation of your new security system, but we also provide a full range of service and maintenance options too, so we can help you to ensure that security isn’t something you ever need to worry about. 


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