Shopping Centre owners and management companies need People counting software to clearly measure Customer traffic. This information can be used in everything from operational objectives to independent rent review evaluations.

But do you know:

  • What marketing activities drive the most opportunity into your Centre?
  • Is your centre opening hours based on opportunity or historic patterns?
  • Are the advertising displays in optimum locations

Many shopping centre managers, property owners and assets managers rely heavily on People Counting information to measure mall performance and plan operations to accommodate the traffic, Traffic data is an important KPI which is an essential variable affecting the performance of any shopping centre. The main issue they face is that the data gathered by the software is still owned by the software company. With Countwise the data isntantly becmoes yours from installation of the system giving you the flexiibility to expost, control and move your data.

Often the shopping centre owners or the team ensuring the centre is being used effectively measure marketing effectiveness with sales. A good practise trendhas been formed over the years to include People Counting Information to scientifically measure marketing effectiveness. Shopping centre owners often also determine the rent according to the total number of visitors to the shopping centre or according to the number of visitors to each individual store in the mall.

The Electro solutions can be installed in one centre or across a portfolio, providing continuous and quantifiable information, which feeds into your other performance indicators to help you monitor your centre and the impact of your business decisions. This information can be used in conjunction with sales data to optimize the number of customers visiting your centre and resulting sales.


  • Generate a complete analysis of attractive factors for potential tenants and their end-customers.
  • Reduce operating costs by analysing the affects of staff allocation and performance on the property/company revenues.
  • Increase profitability through making informed business decisions.
  • Establish performance benchmarks between within centres.
  • Improve centre and tenant marketing strategies.
  • Identify true traffic volumes and patterns in comparison with numerous variables.
  • Improve service, maintenance, and security based on reliable traffic predictions.




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