Retail understands Customer traffic; whether you are a big box retailer or a single site operation, without it there is no business.

But do you know:

  • What marketing activities drive the most opportunity into your stores?
  • Is your staff scheduling maximising the full potential of sales conversion ratios?
  • Are your in store displays located in the right place to maximise impact?

More than any other field of business, retail sales today involves many challenges: strong competition, market saturation, mounting operating costs, and a continuously evolving marketplace. To guarantee a retailer’s success, it is critical that their decisions be both informed and confirmed.


To guarantee a retailer’s success, it is critical that their decisions be both informed and confirmed, this is where Electro’s Countwise solution comes in.

Each retail operation is in constant need of reliable key indicators to track performance, conversion rates and when to staff as per levels of demand. Having the ability to accurately judge queue lengths, waiting time, footfall, customer timing patterns can vastly improve a retailers capability to maximise the revenue generated.

CountWise provides reliable, accurate and consistent people counting information with additional key variables as required. Key variables include effective tools that help optimise resources, increase store sales and improve customer service. Without accurate and real-time people counting, there is no real way to truly evaluate store performance; only by assessing and analyzing real-time customer traffic and comparing it to sales data can a retailer thoroughly understand the effectiveness and success of many aspects of its stores.



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