Providing useful data on footfall has become one of the most reliable ways to justify Marketing spend in an urban setting.

Whether promoting products or places it is imperative that data can be gathered in relation to the footfall of consumers, then tracked and benchmarked.
As with all areas of business today there are many challenges: strong competition, market saturation, mounting operating costs, and a continuously evolving marketplace. Attracting tourism, shoppers and diners to a particular area is no different and to properly arm yourself with a reliable data source can be invaluable, this is where Electro’s Countwise solution comes in.

Using Electro’s Countwise system gives an accurate data and the option of a detailed reporting tool. Countwise can give you actionable data so informed decisions can be made.
With the system you can:
• Identify high traffic areas and adjust marketing and displays to maximise the potential of customer sales.
• Improve staffing schedules to be more aligned with customer traffic volume during specific times of the day, week and seasonal events.
• Identify "power hours," or peak selling times
• Measure marketing and promotional successes by tracking increases or decreases in people traffic.
• Measure high season and off season traffic and allow long term planning.
• Track general performance by store, region and brand.
• Obtain sales to visitor ratios.
CountWise provides reliable, accurate and consistent people counting information with additional key variables as required. Key variables include effective tools that help optimise resources, increase local marketing effectiveness and improve customer service.

Only by assessing and analysing real-time customer traffic and comparing it to previous data can you thoroughly understand the effectiveness and success of your most recent Marketing campaigns.

With easy installation and real-time data recording this system can give accurate results as soon it’s operational. Don’t leave your customer traffic to chance. Maximise your layout and make informed decisions to meet your key metrics.



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