Panorama Scada System

Electro, in partnership with Codra supply the Panorama SCADA system which can monitor and control multiple systems and processes simultaneously.

One system can be used over multiple sites and large distances.


The Panorama software Suite (E², P², IT, TLM, SLP) meets all your SCADA and data production management requirements. Available for all industrial processes, Panorama can manage constraints and requirements ranging from small applications to full-fledged system architectures (FDA-ready, BACnet, Archives Player function, application level objects, etc). Panorama applications range from just 50 variables to 1,600,000 I/O operations.


We offer systems in the following 4 areas, click each image for more information


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Scada System SCADA BMS





John Lane (ITS Special Projects)

 Phone: +353 1 824 6659

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National Traffic System

Electro was awarded the contract for a nationwide Traffic Monitoring System.



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