National Traffic System

Electro was awarded the contract for the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of a nationwide Traffic Monitoring System.

This system also incorporated Automatic Traffic Counters and Weigh in Motion (WiM) systems with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and overview cameras.


The scope of the project consisted of the following:


The provision of 135 new traffic flow, speed and vehicle classification sites and 140 existing sites on National Roads and Motorways, the supply and installation of 6 WIM Sites and an integrated Back Office to collect and report on data and provide asset management.


All Traffic Monitoring Units (TMU’s) required a new communications system to transmit vehicle by vehicle information to a central server via a continuous link.

Each new TMU is operated by wind turbine and/or solar panel, with a battery as back-up and existing units are mains powered.


The establishment of the server and database was for:


· Integrating information from existing and future systems.

· “Polling” the TMU unit automatically and collecting data.

· Provision of a web interface for external/internal users.

· Analysis and Reporting on Traffic and WIM Data.


The routine operation and maintenance of the full system and all equipment supplied will be provided for by Electro for 5 years.


The Traffic Counter and WIM equipment was supplied by TDC – a subsidiary of Q-Free.  ANPR equipment was supplied by 3M.  The Database / Back Office was supplied by Drakewell.


Electro was responsible for the integration and delivery of the system as a whole and project managed the integration of the outstations and back office.


The scope also included the upgrade of 140 sites and the building of 138 new ones on the National Primary and Motorway Network including all civil engineering works, provision of ancillary equipment, hard standing and parking equipment and maintenance for the term of the contract.


This information will assist the NRA Strategic Planning Unit in traffic forecasting and traffic model development.


Public access to the system and the Database is via:



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