Cycle / Pedestrian Monitoring

Our cycle and pedestrian monitoring unit is manufactured by market leaders TDC and is unique in that it can capture data even if cyclists make their way off the cycle path and onto the main road.

This low powered device can be run via battery or from a renewable energy source and additionally the CMU will automatically send all data to a central server for analysis.


Using piezo sensors and a unique configuration this system is one of the most accurate on the market, far surpassing the accuracy of loop and other technologies currently available.


Data and data analysis allows us to make informed decisions on various important aspects of infrastructure. Our systems incorporate high quality hardware to ensure your system will have the longevity it needs. While our user friendly reporting and analysis tools allow multiple steams of data to be easily interpreted giving you the time to focus on the analysis and decison making process rather than data declasification.



John Lane (ITS Special Projects)

 Phone: +353 1 824 6659

 Mobile: +353 872641853




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