Detection of unwanted metal items, from phones to weapons can be a large problem for some industires.

Cellsense, a revoloutionary detection device, solves all of these problems, saving hundreds of lives and preventing millions of euro worth of products.


Cellsense Plus provides unmatched detection and deployment options for targeting cell phones, weapons and contraband

  •  Most effective – detects all phones, concealed contraband, even small blades

        2x sensitivity of detection, for the smallest concealed contraband
        Enhanced detection zone focused on subjects’ most challenging concealment areas
        Cuts interference from surrounding activity, 50% fewer unwanted alerts

  •  Most versatile

        Adapts instantly for portable or wall-mounted detection
        Works in every setting, indoors and out
        Most immediate – screens 40 subjects/minute and sets up in less than 15 seconds
        Most rugged – resistant to breakage and weather, backed up by the best warranty in the industry.

By addressing gaps in traditional security systems, Cellsense Plus adds a new layer in the fight to protect your facility. Protecting facilities from illicit cell phones, weapons and other contraband.

We’ve never seen a cell phone that Cellsense Plus can’t detect, regardless if the phone is turned off, missing the battery, or concealed on/in the body. Besides cell phones, Cellsense Plus also detects small blades, guns, weapons and other illicit items.

Keep ahead in your fight against illicit cell phones and weapons with Cellsense Plus.
Preventing theft/loss of cell phones and other electronics.

Cellsense Plus detects cell phones and high value electronics, even if turned off or concealed on/in the body. Unlike walk through metal detectors, Cellsense Plus is portable for use anywhere in your facility. It’s faster, more effective and reliable than hand wands, allowing you to screen up to 40 subjects per minute in a single walk by. Deter theft and control loss prevention in your facility.


Ed Fardy - Technical Sales Consultant


Edward Fardy (Sales Consultant)

+353 1 824 6666




Access Control and Security

Electro installed a full access control system and an upgrade of the CCTV and Intercoms.



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