Automatic Rising Bollards

Robust and High Security

We have a large range of automatic rising bollards that can be installed in a variety of
different applications. They are a robust and high security method of preventing vehicular
access. Our range includes automatic bollards with built-in lights that flash during operation,
and can extend to a height of over 900mm in just 4 seconds, depending on your
requirements. One or more bollards can be installed and operated together or individually.


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Discreet Traffic Control

Automatic rising bollards provide a neat solution to preventing the passage of vehicles
without the requirement for gates and have a minimal impact on the environment for town
centres and historic sites. Automatic rising bollards are designed to keep traffic away from
sensitive areas, delivering aesthetically pleasing traffic control devices that disappear flush
with ground level.

Simple Automated Operation

The bollard can be set either in the raised or lowered positions by default. Operation can be
via any of the following methods: radio remote control, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate
Recognition), tag module attached to specific vehicles, digital keypad, or an audio/video
intercom to manned offices anywhere across the globe.
Several methods of safety are incorporated into the system as standard.

Ideal For

  • Residential & Commercial Bollards
  • Traffic Lane Control & Traffic Limitation
  • Control of Pedestrianised Areas
  • Automatic Bollards
  • City Centre Bollards
  • Anti Ram Raid Bollards



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

+353 1 824 6666



The Quays, Newry

Electro has completed the installation of the new parking system at The Quays.



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Road Blockers / Rising Kerbs

Electro’s range of Road Blockers and Rising Kerbs are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access and are well suited to High Security sites such as prisons, embassies, army barracks, airports, ports, data centres, banks and currency centres..


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