Arvato Finance Case Study

Electro was awarded a contract for the design, build, supply and installation of a bespoke turnkey security management system for Arvato Finance. 


With employees numbering 1,600 spread across four sites in Dublin, our system must provide a secure method of protecting premises and staff, whilst causing as little restriction as possible on freedom of movement and to allow the client manage all of the various security elements from a single control room location on site.


The scope of the contract was for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 35 camera IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV system communicating with a central control room, integrated with both access control and intruder alarm systems which covers all internal and external doors. Automatic turnstiles and an entrance door completed the installation. The building measures 6,000m² with a capacity of 500 employees.


To suit the client’s reception area, automatic turnstiles and glass barriers create a secure area to hold visitors before entering the building. The turnstiles are linked to the fire alarm which, once activated, will retract and disable the barrier arms to allow free, unrestricted emergency egress and in power fail the system can be configured to fail safe. Included too, is an “anti-crawl” system, should anyone try to duck under the arms.



The CCTV system has been configured to ensure that when any incident is triggered from the access control system, the CCTV footage will be automatically stored for a maximum of 120 days. Cameras at reception record constantly 24 hours a day, whilst others are triggered by motion/intruder alarm/access control and have a pre– and post-recording facility. Events can also be created on the DVR to easily find any incidents linked to the access control/intruder alarm system.


The access control system consists of the following:

  • Proximity and pin readers. A token is read by holding it within close proximity of the reader. For extra security, the user must also enter in a pin number.
  • Marine readers. These are aesthetically-pleasing proximity readers which perfectly suited the décor of the premises.

Within this premises there are multiple sensitive areas in where access control was a fundamental  reason in selecting the most suitable access control system. Global anti-passback is a feature  which greatly impressed our client. This feature avoids the pass-back of badges into controlled areas. Without this control, more persons unauthorised to enter can access restricted areas.


The intruder alarm is integrated to the CCTV and access control system. It covers external doors and internal PIR units (Passive Infrared units, a type of motion recognition sensor). Additional equipment includes external and internal sounders, keypads, and control panels with extra expanders.


As experts in our field, Electro Automation provided our client with full Project Management skills to design the best layout and solution in order to meet their project requirements and budget.



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