The US President has signed the 2019 NDAA into law, banning the use of Dahua and Hikvision (and their OEMs) for the US government, for US government-funded contracts and possibly for 'critical infrastructure' and 'national security' usage.


This has led to larger questions worldwide on the reliability and ability to withstand cyber attacks along with the need for a reliable supplier to use on security projects.


We won't know the wider global implications for both these brands in Ireland for the next few months but questions will be raised on the suitibility of both brands for upcoming projects.


The ban technically starts one year after signing into law, which will be August 13, 2019. However, since the ban includes both purchasing and using existing equipment, it effectively starts immediately since it would make little practical sense to buy equipment today to have to remove it in 12 months.


Since the US government is effectively blacklisting Dahua and Hikvsion products, this will have a severe branding and consequentially purchasing impact. Many buyers will be concerned about:

  • What security risks those products pose for them
  • What problems might occur if they want to integrate with public / government systems
  • What future legislation at the state or local level might ban usage of such systems


The impact outside of the US could be significant as well since many countries and organizations will see this as a negative signal about the security and trustworthiness of these products.


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