Freeway Turnstiles

At Electro we are the official distributor of Tiso Turnstiles for the Irish market. Electro can offer a range of turstile options to suit every need, the swing or 'freeway'  turstile is perfect for medium to high use areas where aesthetics play an important role.

It is optimal for offices, banks, administrative facilities etc. due to its trendy appearance and wide functional capability. Should you want something a little more feature rich check out our Automatic Systems Turnstiles

Absence of bevels and availability of glass surfaces make these waist-high turnstiles sleek and very stylish, alon with highly customizable to cater for indivdual needs.


The turnstiles are equipped with optical sensors to prevent access of several pedestrians and meets all European safety standards in relation to user safety.

There are many variations of the “Freeway” turnstiles. You can choose the most suitable system subject to your need. Click below for more information on the various options.


Half Height turnstile with full height glass, LED lights and access control compatibilityspeed blade turnstile with LED lights and fast moving blades  Half height sweeper turnstile with glass gates and numerous safety sensors


Jetpan glass turnstile with side glass for securitySuper Slim Turnstile, office turnstile, aesthetic turnstile  Long lane sweeper turnstile, double protection security


gate turnstile no glassExtended swing gate Turnstile  Glass gate turnstile, swing, centrally controlled



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

+353 1 824 6666


Arvato Finance Case Study

Electro was awarded a contract for the design, build and install a security system for Arvarto.







SPEEDBLADE 900 mm & 500 mm




Sweeper-AS (airport system)




JETPAN (Card collector mechanism)



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