Turnstile Service and maintenance

With any commercial building, or anywhere that needs to control the flow of a mass group of people Turnstiles provide the ultimate solution.


Integrated with access control and fire systems they act as an extra layer of security, one that doesn't get tired, works 24/7 and never makes a mistake.


In saying that turnstiles can be a sophisticated machine, dozens of safety sensors and smart technology recognizing when it is safe to open and shut and recongnizing access card pass backs among other things. It is also common to add biometric scanners and other forms of identification. The addition of all these additional technologies and the consistent use of the system over time can wear down the physical components and increase the likelihood of a software glitch.


To prevent this we at Electro provide both proactive and reactive maintenance. Proactive to ensure you get the longevity from your system and reactive to repair any issues that were left unmaintained. Each brand of turnstiles has different strengths, some thrive in busy environments, others rate themselves on safety or durability. Each set can be different and as such poses a different technical challenge to stay operational. Consistent servicing not only allows you to guarantee your meeting all safety needs to your customers or staff it also increases the longevity of the system and reduces any potential downtime.


So why use Electro?

With over 40 vans and 100+ staff based all across Ireland we can ensure your turnstiles stay operational. Internally we have dedicated account managers and service planners to ensure you are always looked after, along with 40 engineers based from the tip of Donegal to the bottom of Kerry. Let Electro worry about the equipment, you focus on the more important aspects of the job.


Turnstiles are a front of house piece of equipment with a back of house function. Turnstiles for all accounts are just expected to work, no credit to your team when they do but they minute something goes wrong...well, you know!


Speak to our team about your options and available cover to guarantee the continued operation of your turnstile systems.





Adrian Meagher (Service Administrator)

+353 1 824 6666



The Blanchardstown Centre

The Blanchardstown Centres CCTV system was upgraded to a full HD megapixel digital system.



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