Door Automation Maintenance

At Electro we are known for our door automation department, from initial installations of Record and Kenwa equipment to the maintenance of automatic doors across Ireland of all brand types.

Doors are just one of those things that you expect to work, contact us and we'll make sure that happens. Proactive maintenance ensuring longevity, conformity to safety standards and optimising their operational capacity.


A poorly performing door is one of those that is always spotted by customers, whether its noisy, shudders when pushed or just doesn't have that smooth operation during activation. These can be signs that your door needs to be serviced, or that you installed a poor door in the first place!


Either way a quick visit by our engineers will solve these problems. Our team of door automation service engineers work across Ireland, from small commercial shop units to multinational financial institutions. They are highly skilled and work quietly and efficiently minimizing any traffic disruption during business hours.


Automating a door turns it from an object to a machine and as a machine it is subject to the machinery directive, calling for a service contract to be carried out by a company like Electro that is suitably qualified and certified.


Our customers choose us over the competitors due to our quick response time, reasonable rates, industry knowledge (once our guys have a look the door will be sorted, no call backs, no maybes) and our account management team who supply full real-time reports to our clients.


Speak with our automation maintenance team about what maintenance solution could be best for your needs.



Adrian Meagher (Service Administrator)

+353 1 824 6666



Hodson Bay Hotel & Spa, Athlone

Electro Automation were awarded the contract to supply, install and maintain entrance products



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