Car Parking Equipment Maintenance

With the high levels of dependancy placed on car parks by customers and operators alike it is of pivotol importance that all equipment is functional, and from the operators point of view can generate revenue 24/7.


At Electro our service and maintenance division has a team of highly trained and skilled car park engineers that provide proactive servicing on all customer equipment to ensure it stays operational and to improve the life span of the equipment resulting in greater return on investment for the client.


Our customers are guaranteed of top level service, the team here at electro have been trained by hub parking and our senior engineers have been with the company for over 20 years. With the exepreince our team has there is no situation they can't resolve, from reporting issues on management software to equipment jams and malfunctions our team has worked through i

t all and can get you operational again in a minimal timeframe.


Car Parking is divided into two types, pay on foot and pay and display. At Electro we offer maintenance and repair for both versions. Pay on foot is the standard type used by shopping centres, retail parks etc. While pay and display is more on street parking, operated by the councils, urban authorities etc. Our teams work with both types of equipment and all the subsidary pieces of software and hardware necessary to make a smooth running car park.


Contact us today to run through the various cover options we have available and remember we service all types of equipment, for car parking alone you should ask yourself the potential implications on a customer retention and revnue point of view for the followi



  • Car Park Management Software - is your reporting structure working correctly, does your team know how to set up reports, use them to optimise performance etc.
  • Ticket machines and barriers - can customers gain entry
  • Printers and coin recycling systems - are they working correctly, can you save on more costs.
  • Note dispencers and credit card payments - is the data being transmitted, is it secure




Sinead Nolan (Service Sales Manager)

+353 1 824 6666







The Quays, Newry

Electro has completed the installation of the new parking system at The Quays.



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