Barrier Service and Maintenance across Ireland

At Electro our team understand the importance a barrier can have on a commercial premises. That is why we offer high quality Rogers Technology barriers from Italy. We also understand the need for maintenance.


Although a simple piece of equipment a barrier is one of the most used pieces of equipment on a commercial site. Think of how many cars go in and out a day, think about how many of those are all at once during peak times.


A traditional barrier uses a motor to operate an arm, a pulse is sent once the activation method has been initiated (access control card, gsm reader, remote control etc). This drives the arm up, once the vehicle crosses the threshold the barrier comes back down again. The downward function is controlled either by sensors loops or other technology that informs the barrier it is safe to lower.


Now consider this, traditional barriers are brilliant at opening and closing a few hundred times a day, the motor never gets over used and the weather resistant cover should shield all the electronics. In the real world though barriers see a mass influx of use three times a day, morning, lunch and evening, this can cause them to burn out.


Our team of service engineers are experts at identifying the lifespan of equipment like this, taking into account traffic and usage we work out a service plan that is best to keep your barrier operational for longer, giving you greater return on investment.


If you rely on traffic barriers among other things to ensure the secure entry and exit of vehicles get in touch with us. Our team can improve the lifespan of your equipment and as a barrier falls under the machinery directive we can fulfil the necessary maintenance requirements as stated by law in the EU.



Adrian Meagher (Service Administrator)

+353 1 824 6666




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