CCTV and Intruder System Maintenance

CCTV cameras provide optical security against damage, theft, insurance claims and numerous scenarios. While intruder systems keep your premises secure, identifying when and where someone has tried to gain access to your premises.


Both of these pieces of kit can be highly complex and result in huge cost savings to your business. This complexity and their importance makes it vital that they are well maintained by a PSA registered engineer.


Electro are specialists in the installation and maintenance of all security related products. Our security team consists of trained engineers with over 20 years industry experience, design and service engineers and service account managers to ensure your system always stays operational.


Our proactive approach ensures that you get sufficient return on investment based on your purchase. CCTV and intruder systems are used throughout the industry as a deterrent to criminal activity, they are seldom called on but in the event that something happens a maintenance contract with Electro can be the difference between a criminal conviction and criminal damage.


The cost of a non performing system or poorly maintained system can be catastrophic, in some cases resulting in the closure of businesses. Without adequate service your security systems can be targeted for an easy breach.


Contact our security service team today, they can walk you through the various options available to you and if there is anything Electro can do to help we'll be happy to come to site for a full inspection.




Adrian Meagher (Service Administrator)

+353 1 824 6666



Access Control and Security

Electro installed a full access control system and an upgrade of the CCTV and Intercoms.




The Blanchardstown Centre

The Blanchardstown Centres CCTV system was upgraded to a full HD megapixel digital system.



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