Security Equipment Case Study

Electro were given the opportunity to work with international chemical manufacturing specialists Schlotter.

For the past 35 years Schlotter have grown to become an industry leader in chemical manufacturing and electrolytic chemistry research which means there are high value patented items on site along with valuable data that needed to be protected.


Schlotter choose Electro because of our industry experience, expansive team and due to the attention to detail our security specialists are known to provide to our customers. From the start the team at Schlotter were impressed with Electro and our process, each step closely involved them and due to our rigorous planning and installation schedule there was minimal disturbance on the site during installation.   Electro Solution As with all security jobs our team gets involved with, the first step was a detailed discussion with the customer to get an overview of their expectations, what they want to protect and where they are most vulnerable. Once we had that information our team carried out a site assessment to better understand the risk and what type of equipment would be most effective for the customer. After compiling all the information and working to mitigate any risk that was picked up in the original assessment our design team set about creating a detailed plan to ensure all areas were covered and that a cost effective transmission and storage system was put in place. The overall job included the installation of a fully centralised CCTV system controlled by a 32 channel NVR, based on the clients requirements we were able to install 2mp camera’s and throughout the premises. Due to the technical capabilities of the NVR chosen Electro were still able to provide a crisp, smooth streaming solution which was able to constantly monitor all locations and detect any potential issues. Electro also installed 3 lone worker unit to protect those who were working in isolated areas and at off peak hours. Finally our team designed and installed an access control system to protect an important area of the client’s premises. The CCTV aspect of the job included varying types of camera, some bullet and the others were dome.
To properly protect the full area in question and increase visibility to a minimum of 95% it was imperative that a rigorous camera selection process was put in place. For each location our team identified what the optimum angle for monitoring was and how large the field of view would be. This then decided on the type of camera used in each location. Along with the width of the viewing angle Electro needed to ensure that the cameras would work in varying lighting situations. Upon completion the job was commissioned by Electro, our lead Security Engineer walked the site and thoroughly tested all equipment. This walk through is standard practice for our engineers and the third such walk through during the installation and design phase. As security provides such an important part of any building we understand the need to constantly monitor our installs to ensure the optimum selection and viewing angle finalised at design freeze stage still hold through after installation. Things can change on install and our team are fully aware and react accordingly. On this job along with the majority of CCTV jobs we work on the design team got the locations and angles perfect so all areas were made visible by the new system. We’re delighted Schlooter choose us to eliminate the risk on their premises and look forward to doing further business with them in the future. Electros product range is not limited to the security industry. We have a full suite of products and services to offer our customers in the Car Parking,Automation and Maintenance aspects of commercial premises.                                         



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