CCTV for Finaly Motor Group

The Finlay Family has been proudly serving the motorists of Kildare and surrounding counties since 1936.


The business is over 80 years old and in their current location represent Ford and Volvo. As a main dealer for such prestigious brands security is a huge concern, at any one time there could be over €2m in stock sitting in the external forecourt.


This prompted Finlay’s to contact Electro, they understood the need for security but needed an industry expert to access the risk and design an appropriate solution to alleviate any potential concerns for security. Electro are security specialists with a full team of dedicated design managers, security project managers and installation engineers and 24/7 monitoring capabilities. To begin the process Electro visited the site, spoke with the customers and conducted a risk assessment. To properly access the risk our security consultant spoke in depth with the client about their requirements:

• Areas that needed to be covered

• Low light and alternating LUX level areas

• Expectations on quality and streaming speed

• Most valuable are and most vulnerable areas.


On completion of the risk assessment and a preliminary design Electro we able to flag any potential hazards that could cause disruption. Also through clear and thorough communication and planning with the client, our team could engineer around any potential issues as they were flagged early.


On installation the Electro team avoided any closures to the premises and kept disruption to a minimum to ensure Finlay’s would not lose any revenue during the process. To meet client expectations Electro installed:

• A full CCTV system controlled centrally with the ability for remote access

• Detection beams through camera analytical software that could flag events

• IR beams to increase night time detection.

• Horn Speakers and Audio software to act as a deterrent.

• The system is linked to a monitoring station giving Finlays complete piece of mind knowing the cameras are monitored at all times.


The cleverly placed detection beams, as part of the cameras analytical software available on most IP based systems allowed our engineers to mark out certain area’s with invisible lines. Once crossed the system would flag the event to the monitoring station and a pre-set process would be followed. This allows for immediate response to any potential security risk, turning the CCTV system from an observation system to a crime prevention engine.


There are other clever features on the system including the IR beams, increasing the camera’s functionality during the dark, this was possible because of the nature of the location as there is an area to reflect the light back to the camera surface. Our design team discussed several options to match the client’s needs and budget including a highly rated WDR camera and a super low light system, in this instance the IR beams were most appropriate. Overall Finlay’s are delighted with their investment and how the system performs. Peace of mind for a business owner is huge, especially where large value stock items are at risk on a daily basis.



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