Electro Sweeper Speed Gates

Electro Sweeper Speed Gates

The Electro Sweeper is an efficient speed gate that utilises swing paddles (gates) as its control barrier. These glass paddles are locked in the closed position, but quickly swing open in the direction of travel to allow access or egress.


Allowing the neat installation of access control readers hidden within the top panel, the Electro Sweeper is one of the most popular and cost effective means to create a control point. The LED lighting shows red and green to show the passage status.

The Electro Sweeper is a proven low cost solution to properly controlling pedestrian access. It is a simple yet effective means to ensure that every person within the building is authorised. As with all turnstiles, it removes the requirement for constant and expensive manning and can track and report on all movements and actions. The Electro Sweeper combines the highest safety along with high traffic flows (up to 30 persons per minute) in an attractive modern cabinet. The transparent glass side panels reduce the visual impact of the turnstile.


The EA Sweeper is an ideal security speed gate solution for most access control applications, they are most commonly used in: office’s and reception areas, hotels, fitness centres, gym’s, leisure centres, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, to name just a few.


The Electro Sweeper is a cost effective solution to access control and is used within banks, colleges, industry, call centres, offices gyms and libraries to name but a few. Designed to operate faultlessly in automatic or manual mode, the Electro Sweeper is a true speed gate suitable for virtually every location. In manual mode the commands are often given from a central reception desk using our dedicated control console. In automatic mode the Sweeper incorporates access control readers which allow independent control at the lane, with override available centrally.

Standard operation allows the Sweeper to fail open when power is lost, or we can add a battery back up to ensure fail closed and locked if required.  Electro Sweepers allow passage in both directions, ensuring that the paddles move in the direction of travel to ensure fast progression. Anti tailgating measures are involved to eliminate follow through.


We specialise in entrance solutions, with a full package of automatic gates, doors, barriers, access control systems and turnstiles. Electro is a one stop solution that ensures proper integration with all systems working together seamlessly. Contact us now for a free no obligation survey and discussion with one of our trained surveyors.


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 Led Indication with Green/Red  if Pass/Fail
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