Electro SpeedBlade Speed Lanes

Electro SpeedBlade Speed Lanes

The Electro SpeedBlade is an exceptional turnstile, offering fast and accurate control with glass blades that quickly retract within the cabinet to allow passage. It can be controlled using all access control systems, manually or automatically.


Normally offered in Brushed Stainless Steel, Electro Speedblades are also available in polished Stainless Steel (standard and marine grades) as well as powder coated to any colour. Its modern looks and sleek design make it an attractive addition to any area.


Clever design and the use of high quality parts allow the SpeedBlade to be one of the most reliable, robust and long lasting turnstiles available today.


Access Control readers can be integrated and hidden beneath the glass tops, ensuring a solution that is attractive, while LED lighting within the glass blades lends an air of technology to each device. The lights are programmable to show green when a passage is authorised and red when an unauthorised entry attempt is made.


SpeedBlade is a waist high very effective turnstile which allows control of staff and visitors alike. It removes pressure from security staff by dealing effectively with the mundane task of checking passes, and can block unauthorised entry. People who are authorised can simply walk through, virtually without breaking their stride. SpeedBlades can improve efficiency and reduce staffing costs in a reliable consistent manner.




The EA SpeedBlade, the Wide model shown to the left and the Standard model shown to the right

SpeedBlade for DDA applications

The Electro SpeedBlade Wide is an exceptionally clever device which uses telescopic glass wings to increase the available entrance with to meet DDA requirements.

With a passage width of 900mm the Electro SpeedBlade Wide allows wheelchair access as well as equipment such as cleaning machines and trolleys. When configured in a row with standard SpeedBlades, the SpeedBlade wide is a perfect match, sharing the same aesthetics and cabinet footprint.


The specially shaped and ergonomically designed 10mm thick toughened glass blades (with flame polished edges) of the SpeedBlade quickly retract within the cabinet body when a command is received. LED lighting in red and green is programmable to show the passage status and raise alarms if required. The SpeedBlade can also be programmed to be always open, and extend the blade to close the lane if a signal is not received.


The fast efficient operation and sleek good looks makes the SpeedBlade an obvious choice for all areas including offices, industry, colleges, hotels and leisure. Whatever your business or whatever you wish to achieve please contact us and one of our trained surveyors will talk you through possible options and solutions. We are confident that we have the correct answer at an affordable price.


The SpeedBlade is fully programmable and can work using normally closed or normally open modes. As the blades open/close in just 0.8 seconds they offer high throughput figures and can assist in the proper control of your project. In keeping with our flexible design policies, the top covers of every SpeedBlade is available in standard glass, timber of your choice, steel, granite and polystone. We specialise in entrance solutions, with a full package of automatic gates, doors, barriers, access control systems and turnstiles. Electro is a one stop solution that ensures proper integration with all systems working together seamlessly.

Contact us now for a free no obligation survey and discussion with one of our trained surveyors.


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Electro Datasheet Speedblade




Electro Datasheet Speedblade Wide




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