Shannon Airport

Electro Automation was awarded this contract from Shannon Airport Authority (SAA) for the upgrade of its outdated analogue CCTV system and the provision of CCTV and access control systems for the new US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection facility in Shannon Airport.

Shannon Airport had an outdated analogue CCTV solution which had to be upgraded to a full IP (Internet Protocol)  digital solution in order to make it more available to key airport services and staff including An Garda Síochána, Fire Services, baggage handling and Customs & Excise.


Each group needed to access the system for different reasons at different places and all at the same time.


The new system had to be highly flexible and capable of growing with the airport. It also needed to deliver significant cost savings and organisational benefits.


Re-use of existing camera hardware and much of the airport’s existing cabling infrastructure were key in keeping installation and hardware costs down.


Shannon Airport required very high performance in the new system including the ability to capture live images at state of the art resolution. It also required a user-friendly interface for all staff to view, play back and operate the system.


The scope of the contract was for:


       Supply & Installation of IP recording and control hardware in a client / server design with multiple video management servers, Network Video Recorders and sufficient storage on Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) for all camera feeds for 30 days minimum at a continuous D1 resolution and 25 frames per second recording configuration.


Integration of 160 existing analogue cameras (fixed and PTZ) and conversion to IP via video encoders.


Supply and installation of additional quantity of 45 IP PTZ dome cameras.


Supply and installation of 15 PC client user workstations running IP video control software, located around the airport and communicating on the airport’s LAN infrastructure.


Supply and install 30 camera standalone CCTV system, access control and intruder alarm system for US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection.


Install wireless IP camera links for remote airfield monitoring cameras, integrating with airport LAN and central CCTV system.


Two camera types were supplied in the contract:


Type 1: Vandal resistant Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome IP cameras.


Type 2: Ruggedised vandal resistant PTZ analogue dome cameras using video encoders to convert to IP for transmission over the wireless network.



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