Hodson Bay Hotel & Spa, Athlone

Electro Automation were awarded the contract to supply, install and maintain manual and automated entrance products for the Hodson Bay Hotel and Spa, Athlone.


In the heart of Ireland’s Lake District Hodson Bay Hotel & Spa is stunningly situated on the tranquil shores of Lough Ree in Ireland's Lakelands.


The unique location of this 4-star luxury hotel at the centre of Ireland allows you to enjoy the scenic Irish countryside and is only five minutes from Athlone town centre, located just one hour from Dublin and Galway.

The scope of the contract covered the following equipment.

  • The supply, install and maintenance of one Daihatsu EDM18 bi-parting, sliding double door made up of the following components:

1 EDM 18 Single Door Operator

2 Active 8 Sensors

1 Battery Back Up

1 Key Switch

2 Guides

3 Hanging Brackets

  • The maintenance of a set of Gilgen automatic door operators at the main entrance (not supplied or installed by Electro Automation)
  • The maintenance of the manual revolving door operator located at the Leisure Centre (not supplied or installed by Electro Automation)


Because power-operated doors are essentially machines with moving parts, the safety of users is a key consideration. The obvious hazards are where moving parts move past fixed parts, creating the possibility of trapping fingers or even crushing bodies.


For a typical automatic revolving door, there are several potential danger points due to the number of closing edges. Even though the revolver door at the Hodson Bay Hotel is manual, it is still of utmost importance to maintain and service all moving parts. As with any product over time parts become worn and may need replacing.


However servicing and maintaining your equipment ensures the lifespan of the products are increased. It is vital that you maintain your automatic and manual entrance equipment in order to ensure safe and efficient operation and keep it running at peak capacity.


The contract covers two Preventative Maintenance visits per year to meet with recommended European safety standards. These services must start from the installation date and can affect the warranty on the entrance. 


A Priority service is also included for the unlikely event of a callout. Spare parts are not included however all Maintenance Contract holders with Electro Automation receive a 10% discount.


Recent experience shows that the technical support offered by Electro Automation can result in significant benefits to our customers and reduction in costs.


Electronic records are kept of all services, including all safety features, faults if there are any, and notes of any improvements that could be made. This service can be emailed, allowing you, the customer, to have immediate access to servicing data. This is particularly beneficial where there are a large number of products or entrances onsite.

All of our products meet or exceed current Health and Safety standards. Maintaining your equipment ensures compliance and is good practise. Equipment not complying to these standards can break down or malfunction, causing injuries which you may be liable for. By having a Maintenance Contract with Electro Automation, the responsibility of the upkeep of the equipment will be passed to us.


We are dedicated to providing an after-sales service that is second to none, and are continually putting in place changes within our service department to enhance our back-up service to our customers.




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