Full Height Turnstiles

The Electro 'Sesame' Full Height Turnstile

When you require a full height vandal resistant turnstile then the Electro Sesame is the perfect answer. The Sesame is unparalleled in design and operation.


Offering 100% security and reliability the Electro Sesame is available in single or twin modes, and can be operated by access control or simple one direction methodology. Traditionally used in industry and sports stadia, the Sesame can be installed internally or externally, and can support access control systems or manual operation. Recently there is a growing trend to install Sesame as the control within unmanned 24 hour gyms.


Sesame turnstiles are typically installed as part of a secured area, and can be incorporated within fence lines as well as buildings. In some instances they are used as a one way free exit device with no return, or on building sites to ensure that only staff are on site. Sesame can be supplied with matching DDA wheelchair access, or with integrated bicycle access adding further flexibility.


As with all our turnstiles, Sesame can support access control systems, including keypads and biometric readers, intercoms, manual push buttons or any other device. In free access or egress mode (such as alarms) the Sesame can allow passage of 20 pedestrians per minute. It’s design ensures millions of operations without failure.


Available in numerous finishes including galvanised, powder coated and stainless stell, the Electro Sesame is a solid investment for any location.


For similar full height security in a less industrial look, we also offer our Electro GlassGo full height turnstile. Created in glass and stainless steel the GlassGo adds style to security.



Paul Brophy (Business Development Manager)

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Full Height Twin Turnstile




Sesame full height turnstile




 electro Sesame full height  turnstilesSesame Twin Turnstiles



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