Swing Gates

Automatic swing gates are gates which are hinged on pillars or posts at either side of the entrance and can be installed to open inward or outward, depending on the site.

Swing gates may be automated using an underground or overground system.


Underground Swing Gate Automation

The EA Underground automation system for swing gates is a geared motor. It is designed for underground installation and therefore does not alter the appearance of the gate itself. The foundation box of the automation system comes ready to take an operator. The EA electromechanical operator is irreversible, so it ensures a mechanical stop and eliminates the need to install an electric lock for a gate up to 2 metres long.
In case of an emergency, manual operation is assured by a special lever release system with a customised key, accessible from both sides. The EA model design includes a casing to house automated systems for gates of up to 800kg per leaf, making installation simple. The foundation box is galvanized coating and is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, absolute weather-proofing, operators are IP 67 rating.

Overground Swing Gate Automation (Articulated Arm)

The EA external automation with articulated arms automates residential swing gates with leaves of up to 3m in length. It consists of an irreversible electro-mechanical operator with guard and an articulated-arm activation system to be fitted to the gate with the appropriate accessories. The irreversible system ensures the automatic swing gate is mechanically locked when the motor is not operating. No locks need to be installed for leaves up to 1.8 metres in length. A manual release makes it possible to move the gate in the event of a power-cut or fault.

Heavy Duty Overground Swing Gate Automation (Hydraulic Arm)

The Heavy duty automation system for swing gates is a hydraulic unit comprising an electric pump and a hydraulic piston which moves the gate leaf. In case of an emergency, a customised release key makes it possible to operate the gate manually.
For high levels of use such as entrances/exits for apartments or office blocks, we would recommend that you fit a timer to open gates during busy periods of traffic.



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